Pastor Greg Mack


Pastor Greg Mack excels at relating God's teachings to your life no matter what its present condition is. He continues to be an example of patience and kindness while being truthful. He is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather and his love and commitment to family is demonstrated in his ministry. Since coming to Slaughterville Baptist Church in 2007, Bro. Greg has lead us to grow spiritually and relationally with one another through meals, archery lessons, small group studies and activities, mentorship programs, community events, and service projects and shown us how to reach out to those in need. Often, he can be found wielding a chainsaw during a disaster, slinging a hammer at someone's home project, and always listening to someone. Bro Greg and his wife, Denise, are dedicated to the continuing development of our church family and programs. We join them in welcoming you to Slaughterville Baptist Church.

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