UNBREAKABLE is an ever expanding, multi-aged group of engaged and married couples focused on building a successful marriage.  We participate in short-term, bi-annual Bible studies to better understand what God says about marriage and empower spouses to grow together spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Wonderful friendships have been found through our studies, adventurous and relaxing date nights, and fun-loving social events.  The educational tools and mentorship you receive from this group will nourish a healthy marriage and positively impact your family, church, and community.

UNBREAKABLE Coordinators 


Brad and Amber Page are refreshingly honest and open about the ups and downs they have withstood together since their marriage in 2002. After God saved their relationship from a tumultuous time, they felt called to share their testimony and encourage couples in every state of marital bliss or decline. Thus, UNBREAKABLE marriage group was born in 2012. This group consists of newly engaged all the way up to couples celebrating 40+ years of marriage! The group meets for a couple of Bible studies each year and several date nights and activities, including an annual bonfire we all eagerly await each Christmas. Brad and Amber love sports, outdoors, movies, and their two beautiful children. We invite you to be a part of this positive effort. Contact Brad and Amber at unbreakable@svillebc.com.

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